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Project Description
The project originates from the missing functionality in Sharepoint to batch update a choice list in a profile property. We have some user defined properties that use predefined choice lists which consist of a unique key and a text (e.g. product group). From time to time the text is changing while the key stays the same. Also sometimes new items come in and some old items get obsolete, but we only get a complete list as text file that contains the current status. So I wrote a little tool to overcome this limitation and thought it would be useful for others as well.
The input has to be in the form identifier text which can contain spaces as well

Update user profiles
I've also added some functionality to batch update user profiles for a given property that is not imported from Active Directory (e.g. we are not importing the picture property).

The input has to be in the form domain\useraccount;propertyvalue

Provided as is! No warranty
Use at own risk. The developer cannot be held liable for any harm the tool might cause.
It is not recommended to be used on production systems unless thoroughly tested. See license for details.

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